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Noah’s Library: The Jesus Storybook Bible

One of the first books we ever bought Noah was a children’s Bible. From baby days, we have read him Bible stories. It has always been a priority. I remember back in the baby days, when I was a stay-at-home Mom, Jason would seat Noah in his bouncy chair, get his little Bible, and read Noah a story before he left for work. Those are some of the most special memories, and Noah always seemed to listen to the story, even though he was still so little.

Noah has also had a few children’s Bibles over the years. The first one was a board book – you know those hard books perfect for little ones first being introduced (I’m sorry I have no idea how to describe those toddler-type books!). As he got a little older, we bought him the Life Kids Bible, which we also loved as it went hand in hand with the You Version Kids app. We all loved this Bible so much we read it until it was literally falling apart.

When we left Durban and moved back to Cape Town in 2017, we were gifted The Jesus Storybook Bible from friends. Oh. My. Word. This is hands down our most favourite children’s Bible we have ever looked at, read or owned.

What makes this Bible so special is that right from the very first story in the Bible (the Creation story), they bring it back to Jesus. Every single story. In the Old Testament stories, they allude to Jesus, this amazing, special Gift, that is coming to save the world. And they tie it in so nicely with each story – it’s never just a random thought included at the end of the story.

For me, that makes this Bible the most special. As you’re reading an Old Testament story, they’re alluding to this amazing thing that’s going to happen. They’re saying that someone is coming who is going to love each of us in the most incredible way. A sentence that you read over and over in this Bible is:

“You see, no matter what, in spite of everything, God would love his children – with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.”

I mean…how beautiful! And to get to read a line like that to your child when reading their Bible with them – those are moments I cherish and never take for granted.

I asked Noah what he loved about his Bible. This is a direct quote from him:

“I love that you can learn about God. Once you finish reading this Bible, you can just start all over again – it’s so fun!”

We love this Bible so much! If you have been looking for a Bible for your little ones, we would highly recommend this one. You can look for it online here and here. We have also seen it at Cum Book Stores.

Do you have a children’s Bible that you have loved reading with your little ones? I’d love to hear about it.


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