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Time to get active!

Oh gosh! I feel like it is time to start getting fitter and healthier. I’ve been feeling like this for a while now, and after a conversation with a sweet friend this past Sunday at church, I’m even more inspired to start taking control, and do something!

Where oh where, though, do I even begin? Ideally, I’d like to exercise at home, for now especially. Life is busy, especially during the week. I work half days, which I am so grateful for. It really does free up my afternoons to be with Noah. But our afternoons are busy. And there are other things I need / want to do in the afternoons, after homework and snack etc. are done of course. So at home exercise makes more sense for me.

I look at my sweet boy, and I am so glad he loves sport and being active. If he’s not kicking a ball around, then he’s watching sports on TV. His main sport is rugby – that is his ultimate, number 1 sport to play, watch, dream and talk about! Then, he loves football, surfing, Formula One, WWE (yes, according to Noah, this is a sport) – if it involves a ball and lots of running around, he is game! It makes my heart happy to see him love sports so much, and love playing different sports. Long may his love of sports and exercise last, so he does not end up feeling like I feel at the moment.

I know that I also really enjoy swimming. If I’m completely honest, that’s the one type of exercise I feel the most comfortable with. In the past, when I have gone to gym or trained with a personal trainer, I have always suffered with the most horrific headaches afterwards. So I am always nervous to do gym-style exercises, even at home. So maybe I should give swimming a try? Then I have other factors to consider – when, in my day, will be best for me to go swimming? Early morning, before work & school? Straight after school, just take Noah to the public pool with me? But then, what do I do with him? He won’t want to just swim laps with me. And I cannot leave him to play and swim without watching him, even though he is water safe. Late afternoons won’t work either, because it is supper and bath and bedtime routines. Plus, we have church commitments a few nights in the week as well. Do you see my conundrum? Or am I overthinking it a little too much?

Maybe, for now, I will start with the at home exercises – I get up early enough in the mornings, that this could really work for me, for now at least. I will then build up to going swimming a few days in the week at least – don’t mind me, just “thinking aloud” here!

Do you make time for exercise? What types of exercise do you do? How do you schedule it all in with work, kids, home, life stuff? Any tips?

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  • kathleen May kruger

    Hello  Megs 

    We think the best way to start is to get started where you are   example,  on Friday evenings at rugby practice, walk laps around the field. There yoh can keep an eye on happenings you are all together and no extra time or funds needed.  

    When Noah goes surfing use that time to swim or have a good fast pace walk upand down the beach.

    At sports events, when Noah is playing watch hi  the rest of the time walk around.

    Make time at least once a week to load the bikes and as a family enjoy the beach front, you walk 15 minutes and turn around and the boys ride 15minutes and turn around , all things being equal you should meet back at the car at the same time. Good physically,  mentally and spiritually for you all 

    Never take the escalator or lift,  always use the steps.

    This could be  start my Angel and let it grow from there. 

    Love you lots my angel 

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