Where do we even begin?

So, we made our decision. We decided now is the time to begin the process. And we were on such a natural high after making this decision, and really making it official, by telling those closest to us. However, we weren’t too sure about what our first step should be. We weren’t so sure of the whole process. We weren’t sure who to contact, and when to contact them. 

We did an adoption 101 course a while ago. A basic intro into adoption, stats, why adopt etc. and we really enjoyed it. Families who had already adopted answered some of our questions for us. But when it came to actually getting the proverbial ball rolling, we were a little clueless. Especially because the potential costs of adoption, that were spoken about on this course, were far out of our reach. Cue the lovely Littletons!

Jason remembered friends from church who had just recently adopted. And we had chatted to them briefly, over the last few months, about our plans and their plans. So the first thing we did was arrange to chat to them, to get more information, and hopefully more clarity on our next (and first official) step. And boy, were they helpful! I think it is safe to say that if it weren’t for the Shane and Danica, and their willingness to share their experience and contacts with us, we would not be half as far along in the process, as we are today. Thank you, Littletons! 

Basically, we had 2 options, and we needed to decide which type of adoption we wanted to do.  There is private adoption, through a private agency, where the pregnant mom chooses you, and you go through the pregnancy with her, usually covering the medical bills etc, for the pregnancy and birth. We felt that this was not the route for us. 

The second option was to go through Child Welfare. And after hearing from Shane and Danica about the whole process through Welfare, we really felt strongly that this was the route for us. We were put in contact with a social worker (*SW) from Child Welfare Durban and District. The nicest lady ever! 

I phoned SW for the first time on Monday 4 May 2015. After chatting to her briefly, she mentioned that there was a monthly Adoption Orientation happening on the morning of Wednesday 6 May 2015. Yes, it was short notice, but nothing was going to keep us away! Thankfully both our jobs were accommodating – thanks bosses! 

And so the ball began to roll. And it has been steadily gaining momentum since then! After hearing more about the process, and having absolutely all of our questions answered, we left with the application forms, to begin completing! Eeeeeeeeek! 


{Photo taken by me}

The forms looked like a lot to complete. But we had everything completed in 2 weeks! No hassles. No stress. Just pure excitement! And just like that, we had our first interview with SW on 21 May 2015!  How is it all happening so fast?! 

In the space of about a month and a half, give or take, from 29 April 2015 to 12 June 2015, we have:

  • Completed the paperwork
  • Done medical checks
  • Got police clearance
  • Had our interview together as a couple
  • Jason had his individual interview
  • I had my individual interview
  • Had our home check

In a month and a half. What a wonderful whirlwind it has been! 

And we don’t have much left to do, before we are approved as adoptive parents. 

  • Marriage assessment
  • One more interview with SW
  • Approval!

If everything goes according to plan, we should be approved as adoptive parents, within the next month or so! And from there, it is a waiting game until we meet our Little One! The joy we feel at this prospect, is like nothing we have ever experienced before! 

Do you have any questions about the adoption process? Are you considering adoption, but not 100% sure where to begin? I’m happy to answer any question – feel free to ask away! 

*Name kept private

{Quotes taken from Pinterest}


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