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We finally got around to completing our marriage assessment last Thursday…phew! What a relief! We were quite nervous about it, simply because we didn’t know what to expect. What type of questions will they ask us? If we answer just one question differently to each other, will that mean we are incompatible? Who knows?! Luckily for us, we were stressing for nothing. We both flew through the assessment and are eagerly awaiting the analysed results! Our next (and hopefully final) interview is scheduled for 9 July…eeeek! How are we already nearing the end of the approval process already? It’s the best kind of overwhelmingly excited feeling ever! 

As we move along with our plans, we’re also starting to slowly prepare things at home. I’m starting to slowly but surely clean out, clear out, sort through and make space for all things baby! I’m starting to think of decor ideas for our baby, that I can prepare for now, and we’re praying into the colour(s) we should use for our baby’s nursery area. {The importance of the colour of our baby’s nursery is something I’ve been playing around with in my head and my heart, quite a lot lately…but that’s a whole other blog post!}

I’ve also been thinking on a more practical level. What are the arguments, for and against, disposable nappies vs. cloth nappies? What are the best baby products, with the least amount of chemicals, most natural, that I can use on my baby? 

As for baby food…I am no Gordon Ramsey protege…just ask my husband! But I don’t want to feed my baby store bought, processed food. I want to feed my baby fresh, healthy food, made with love at home, by Mommy! So how do I do that? Where are the best baby food recipes, simple and easy for non-chefs like me? 

So here is my request…especially for all you mommy-friends…if you follow any mommy-blogs, and you think they could really help me; guide me; teach me new things, please may you comment with the link to the blog. I’d really appreciate it! 

I’m even willing to learn how to make more than just delicious baby food…including baby toiletries etc. So, if you have any links, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds etc. that I could peruse, please send them my way! My goal is to be as prepared as possible for our baby! 

Thank you, friends! 


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