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We’re approved!

Yes, we are! We got the call on 31 July. And since then, there has been a flurry of excitement at home, as we get overrun (in the best possible way) with baby stuff! 

While we have officially been approved, we will not meet a baby, they won’t even tell us if there is a possible baby for us, until one more document is sent from Pretoria. We are both learning the ever important lesson of patience! It is one document. It is an important one. It also happens to be the very first form we filled out and sent off. Patience! We keep reminding ourselves that everything happens in His perfect timing. All we can do is keep praying for it to come through. 

In the meantime, baby prep is at an all time high! It’s been an excellent distraction, and so much fun unpacking all the amazing things those close to have have given our Little One! The love, excitement and support has been absolutely amazing!


There was too much stuff for one photo!

My sister and her beautiful family moved to Durban in the last week of July. And they brought with them a whole lot of baby paraphernalia with their furniture truck! And by a whole lot, I mean it took our little Huyndai Getz and a big Nissan Navara to collect everything, and we still had to leave to little tables until our next visit! Judy and Robert had grandchild number 1 and grandchild number 2, on my side of the family. So they had a lot of baby things. And my sweet mom made sure to keep it all for when any of us needed it. So we got a got, pram, carry cot, car seat, 2 high chairs, a feeding chair, toys, blankets, bowls, to name but a few things! 


Our baby has a pram!
This is what an excited dad to be looks like!
Our Nelly inspecting everything!
I think Nelly thinks the pram is hers!
A bottle sterilizer…now to figure out how to use it!
The bowl has the cutest name! It’s called “Trap-A-Snack” – so clever!
Our Little One’s very own couch for the lounge!
This is the chair from the most amazing high chair that converts into a table and chair when our Little One is bigger!
Little One’s first set of wheels!

It took us about a week to get everything sorted. We had to rearrange our home a bit, sort out and throw out, to make space. All worth it, if you ask us! The cot is almost set up…we just need clever Robert to come and work his magic on one side, because we can’t seem to keep it in place! I can’t wait to finally make the cot up with the gorgeous new bedding Jason’s mom and sister-in-law sent us last week. 


Nelly and I were equally inquisitive as to what was inside!
What a lucky lLittle One, who has a granny and aunt who spoil them so”

And that was just some of the amazing goodies that arrived in the huge box from Cape Town! They also sent baby grows, a cuddly teddy bear, teething rings, blankets, the cutest nappy bag…and some treats for mom and dad in the form of coffee for dad and and owl scarf for mom! Our family know us well! 
Our sweet little friend, Rhoss, gave us his car seat, for our baby! It was so sweet! And is perfect for when we get a second car in the next month or so!
Rhoss also gave us his feeding chair, toys and a railing to fit on the side of our Little One’s bed when they are bigger. So sweet!
Really, at this stage, the only thing missing is our baby! We are ready and waiting in eager anticipation for the day we get that call!

Jason’s dad and the family in Jozini gave us a gift voucher for Baby City. We’re thinking of getting bottles and nappies with it! Thank you family!

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