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Mama Magic!

The Mama Magic Baby Expo was in Durban from 28 August until 30 August. Jason was really keen to go. I wasn’t so sure though…we had gone once, about 2 years ago, and it was just too much chaos, too many people, too many prams. I just wasn’t up for the big crowd. Then, on the Thursday before, I was given a free ticket unexpectedly, so, much to Jason’s delight, on Friday afternoon after work, off we went to the Durban Exhibition Centre.

We went on the first day, just after lunch, so even though there was a fair amount of people coming and going, it wasn’t too many people…easy to make your way through the expo, at your own pace….bonus!
I’m so glad we went! There was so much to see, find out about and learn. When we left we were shocked to realize we had slent 5 hours walking around. It certainly did not feel like it! 5 hours well spent, if you ask us 😉 

There was so much to see and take in. I managed to take a few photos of some of my favourite things I saw. 


Fancy Pants cloth nappies and glass bottles
Fancy Pants makes the most amazing cloth nappies and glass baby bottles. It was started by two ladies looking for better, environmentally friendly alternatives for their babies. And like they said, we don’t wear plastic, synthetic underwear, so why should our baby?

 The nappies are made from bamboo and are incredibly soft to touch. They can be used from birth to about 4 years old, as they have press buttons for you to adjust the size as baby grows. So clever! There are also so many fun colours and patterns, as well as swimming nappies, and potty training pants – they have thought of everything! 

Their glass bottles are also amazing. They aren’t too heavy, and come with a colourful silicone cover, naturally made, which turns white when the contents of the bottle is over 42 degrees Celsius. I was concerned about the glass bottles breaking easily, and harming our baby. But I was assured that they tested the bottles themselves. They had 8 bottles between themselves and in one year only one broke. And when it broke it never shattered, just cracked. With all the harmful contents of plastic, I can definitely get on board with glass bottles! Especially as Fancy Pants also has glass sippy cups for when baby is a toddler. 

You can order products online. Alternatively, they do have agents. You can contact them to find an agent close to you.

Hipp Organic baby food

Hipp Organic is a stand that caught my eye immediately. While my plan is to make my baby’s food, I have a feeling life will still get in the way sometimes, and there will be no time to make baby food. And when that happens, I’d like to have something on hand that will be just as healthy as mom’s food, home made with love. 

Enter Hipp Organic! After chatting with the lovely Candice, this is my first choice of a baby food alternative. Reading through some of the information Candice gave me, this is why I like them:

  1. They don’t use any chemically synthesized sprays or fertilizers on their veggies. 
  2. Their fruits have a low acidity and are ripened over a long period.
  3. As for their meat, their animals are only fed natural, organic food, and growth promoters and hormones are prohibited. 

They also have an amazing range of products. From 6 months you can start feeding your baby their First Tastes range. Flavours include tender carrots and potatoes, sweet squash and chicken and apple and cranberry breakfast. From 7 months you can move up to stage 2. This includes vegetable lasagne, rice pudding with apple and pear and cocoa and vanilla dessert. As a snack, you can feed your baby organic apple rice cakes. Stage 3 (10 months) is when they they include some whole pieces of food, for extra chewing. Your baby can enjoy vegetables with noodles and chicken or pasta with tomatoes and mozzarella. They also have baby rice cereal, banana porridge and creamy oats porridge. 

I know that Pick n Pay and Baby City also stock their products. I can’t wait to try their food, when making my own baby food is not possible. 

Tantol Medi baby range

Tantol Medi has the most amazing range of baby products. Their whole range smells amazing. Depending on the product, you will find vitamin E, primrose oil, median, or zinc oxide in the ingredients. They have a full range of baby toiletries. My favourite was the baby bath and massage oil. It can be used as a soap, and the oil moisturizers the baby’s skin, forming a barrier on top of the skin, locking in the moisture. 

As their tag line says, “Your Baby deserves to be tantalized”. You can find out more about their amazing range here. I can’t wait to try their products on our baby!

Deryan travel cot by Layette Essentials

Layette Essentials sell these amazing travel cots. I want one! It is amazing! It folds up into a little bag, so it is compact and can fit in any small space nicely. It’s perfect for when you are traveling, or even for a day at the beach. It comes with a self-inflated mattress and sleeping bag, and has uv Ray protection and plenty of ventilation, so baby can sleep soundly! 

You can order them online here – I can’t wait to get my hands on one for our baby!

Nuby tupperwares and baby food containers
 I saw these in the Baby City stand. I love how they have the different little pots, and even a little, baby masher, to help mash all the food before putting it in the freezer pots! 

Pure Beginnings Organic Baby
It’s no secret I have a love of owls. So when I saw the Pure Beginnings Organic Baby stand, I was immediately intrigued! I’m so glad – they have an amazing range of baby toiletries, all made from organic ingredients. Even their packaging is recyclable – I love it! And Ollie the Owl is on all their packaging. How cute is Ollie the Owl? 😊

If you’d like to have a look at their full range of products, you can click here

Sangenic nappy bin
We have been wanting to get something for our baby that we bought. We have been so blessed with everything that has been given to us, we literally haven’t had to buy a thing! But we wanted to. And while I’m sold on the whole cloth nappies thing, Jason is still not so sure. So we invested in this amazing nappy bin, which we also found in the Baby City stand! It is amazing, and we got it at an awesome show price too – bonus! It really is amazing – you put the dirty nappy in the top of the bin, and twist the top, which seals each nappy individually in a scented packet. And then you can break off the sealed nappy, tie a know and start again! 

We have seen refills available at both Baby City and Pick n Pay.   

Just For Baby toiletries
Jason learning to massage our baby

At the Just For Baby stand, they had baby toiltries and a nurse who showed you how to massage your baby. The catch was you had to buy 2 packs of toiletries, and then the nurse would show you. Jason was very keen to learn more about massaging baby, so we bought a pink set and a blue set of baby toiletries. The massaging was actually quite interesting. The nurse showed us 2 ways to massage baby’s legs and feet, and how to massage their arms. Now we know just how to keep our baby relaxed and happy! 

Fresh Squeezed Feeding Line

Layette Essentials, the same people who had the Deryan travel cot, also had the Fresh Squeezed Feeding Line. Basically, once you have cooked baby’s food, and mashed it, you place it in a tube on top of the squeeze station. You press start and the machine squeezes the puréed food into an easy to use pouch. The pouch has a spoon attached to the end of it, so when you are out and about, and baby is hungry, you don’t need to hassle with tupperwares and bottles of food etc. You simply squeeze the purée from the pouch onto the attached spoon and feed baby like that. Quick, easy and so convenient! 

You can visit their website to have a look at their amazing products, and place your order. 

The Funky Shop, Funky Baby range of shirts!

How cute are these shirts? I had to get a photo of each of these – they seemed so appropriate! You can have a look at their website for more information. 

We had such an awesome time at Mama Magic, and can’t wait to go back next year! There was such a large variety of baby related things. So much to see and learn. As new parents to be, we found it so interesting!

*This is not a sponsored post

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