21 Days of Awesomeness…take 2!

I started off really well with the last 21 Days of Awesomeness. My goal was to work on my blog everyday…be it posting a new post, working on future posts, making my blog look prettier. But then, my husband and my baby both got sick within a week of each other, and that was my challenge done. 

I was so excited to see, just a few weeks later, that the lovely GI Jane had scheduled another 21 Days of Awesomeness, starting tomorrow, 4 April. I knew I wanted to challenge myself to work on my blog again. But I felt like I needed a few more challenges too. So here are the things I’d like to do everyday, for the next 21 days, starting tomorrow, in the hopes of making it a habit:

1.) Work on my blog everyday – posting new posts, planning future posts, working on the style and layout of my blog

2.) Read my Bible everyday – I’ve been slack with this, and really want to get back into reading my Bible. My faith is so important to me, and I want to make this a priority in my life again. 

3.) Squats – I haven’t done any excercise since we got Noah, and I have really wanted to get back into some form of something physical. So I thought I’d start with squats every day!

4.) Wall push-ups – when I was training with my favourite trainer last year this was one of the excercises she made us do regularly. And it killed my arms. I feel like a good balance in excercises is ideal, and seeing as I’m squatting, I needed to do something with my arms too…so wall push-ups it is!

I feel like I may be biting off a little more than I can chew. Yes, it coincides with me starting a new job for the next 2 months. Yes, I shall be a working mom, for the first time…how am I going to cope, trying to balance it all? But…I am up for the challenge! I’m excited about it!

Would you like to join in on the 21 Days of Awesomeness challenge? You’re welcome to find out more and join here.

Here’s to forming new, good, healthy habits! 

*Image source: GI Jane SA


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