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A lot can happen in one year…

A week ago I celebrated my 31st birthday. I was talking to my mom in the evening, just chatting about my day, how it was, what we did etc. And she reminded me about my birthday last year. Just one year ago, I turned 30. I was not a mom yet. We had a picnic at the Botanical Gardens. Family came from Cape Town to celebrate. Close friends joined in the festivities. It was an awesome birthday weekend. 

But it was just Jason and I. Being a mom was still just a distant dream. I knew I wanted to be a mom. But I didn’t know when it would happen. Fast forward just 366 days (remember the leap year 😉), and I celebrated my 31st birthday with a gorgeous little toddler running around. I woke up to his smiling face on my birthday. 

That was one of the best gifts ever. Seeing his sweet little face. Watching him wobble as he tries to walk everywhere. Watching him love his new found independence. Getting love and cuddles from him. No kisses though – my boy only kisses his own photo or reflection in the mirror! If mom wants a kiss, she gets the forehead! But that’s ok. Because for this birthday, I was Mommy to the most handsome little 13 month old I know. He only started saying mama 2 days after my birthday, but I know that even though he struggles to say mama, in his heart, and in his eyes, I am mama. That alone, made this possibly the best birthday ever! 

If someone had told me when I turned 30 that I’d have a toddler when I turned 31, I would have laughed at you. I wouldn’t have believed you. But a lot can happen in a year. And I am so glad that everything that has happened, happened. Life has changed a lot. And there is not a thing I would change! 

Thank you, mom, for the reminder! 

At the rugby – Sharks vs Lions!

*Photos are my own. 


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