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All of the nostalgia…

Lately, I have been feeling all kinds of nostalgic. I shared a little while ago, about how much can change in just one year. And since then, these nostalgic feelings have been getting stronger and stronger. Here’s why…

This past Friday, 29 April 2016, marked exactly one year since I woke up early for work, and the very first thought I had in my mind was, “It’s time for us to begin the adoption process.” I spent that whole day with this thought running through my mind. That afternoon, I couldn’t keep it in any more, and I told Jason. His response to me was, “I’ve been ready for a while now, I’ve just been waiting for you.” 

We then spent a few days discussing what’s next. That Sunday we met with special friends who had just gone through the adoption process, and they gave us the run down and contact information for their (and now our) social worker. That Monday I called her. The next Wednesday, 6 May, we went for adoption orientation, had all of our questions answered, and got all the forms we needed to complete, to get the process started. 

All the forms we had to fill in and complete, right at the beginning of our adoption process.

This all happened this time last year. It took us all of two weeks to complete every single form. We had a bee in our bonnets, and nothing was going to stand in our way. 

During the beginning stages of our adoption process, we were also shopping around for a new microwave. It was so much fun making sure that whichever microwave we bought would fit a bottle sterilizer comfortably. Oh yes, and Jason’s popcorn maker!

This year, on 29 April, I woke up early for work, rolled over and saw our baby’s sleeping form lying between us. Sleeping peacefully, cuddled up to his dad. There really is no better sight to see, first thing in the morning! I get to see this sweet little face every day. Every morning when I wake up. Every night before I go to sleep. 

He is my perfect little boy. 

Picture taken from Pinterest.

And every time I think back to last year this time – making appointments to meet our social worker, filling out forms, going for medical checks, home checks, interviews, marriage assessments – I am so thankful for having gone through it all. 

Because of that whole process, I have a little boy who calls me Mama. A little boy whose face lights up when he sees me. A little boy who puts his arms out to me for cuddles and comfort when he is upset. 

This nostalgia reminds me of what we did, leading up to meeting our Noah. And I am so thankful for it all! 


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