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Happy Mother’s Day! 

This past Sunday, 8 May 2016, I celebrated my very first Mother’s Day as a mother. What a special day it was. I felt really fortunate to be able to celebrate it along with my mom and my sister. The best feeling was waking up early on Sunday morning, to get ready for church, and feeling the warmth coming from my little boy lying next to me, fast asleep. Just being able to spend the day with him and his dada was perfect for me!

In the week leading up to Mother’s Day this year, I started thinking of some of the amazing, strong women who all play such a unique and important role in my Noah’s life. So, to honor these amazing ladies, I thought I’d share why we love them so much.

There are four ladies, specifically, who I’d like to mention. Before I get to them, I must say that my Noah has some of the best aunts ever. Jason and I both have sisters who love and adore our boy so much – thank you! I have some amazing girlfriends, who have just taken to Noah, and find him irresistible…particularly his Bestie! Thank you, ladies, for loving my Noah the way that you do! 

Who better to mention first, than Noah’s two amazing grandmothers? 

1.) Ouma Kathleen

Ouma Kathleen is my mom. As I said in the beginning, I was really fortunate to be able to spend my first Mother’s Day, with my very own mom. What made it more special, was that it was the first time in years that I was able to spend Mother’s Day with my mom at all. My sister and I decided to get a little creative to make this Mother’s Day just a little more special for our mom. One of the crafty blogs I follow had some Mother’s Day gift ideas. We loved the one of pretty slippers filled with all things pink and lovely. So we bought our mom a pair of slippers, and filled them with hand cream and Lindt chocolates. I also got a little crafty and creative myself, and decided to make a card for mom as well. It wasn’t perfect, but it was special and mom loved it! 

Ouma Kathleen’s gift!
I loved the wording for our home made card!
The front of the card – the grandchildren: Dylan, Emily-May, Kaylee-Skye & Noah!
 What I loved was the message we had inside the card. It read, “The only thing better than having you for our mother, is our children having you for their grandmother.” A more truthful statement about mom, I would not be able to find! Mom, you have loved the three of us unconditionally, all our lives, through thick and thin, no matter what we put you through. Thank you. 
Cuddles for Ouma!

Watching you love each and every one of your four grandchildren is beautiful. You take time to love each of them, play with them, talk with them, laugh with them. Thank you for the important role you play in each of their lives. We love you!

2.) Omie Rene

Omie Rene is Jason’s mom. She lives in Cape Town, and while we were not able to see her on Mother’s Day, we were able to send her a message to let her know she is loved and appreciated. 

The photo and message Noah sent Omie Rene!

Rene, you have loved Noah from the moment you heard about him. And I feel like you fell more in love with him after meeting him a few months ago. You are a fun-loving Omie, always up for an adventure, and ready for a laugh with your grandchildren. A memory that will stick with me forever is you climbing the jungle gym with sweet Kaiden at the Flag Animal Farm. That moment, you playing, is one that shows how deeply you love each of your grandchildren. 

Omie Rene & Noah at his first birthday party!
Omie in her element – with all 4 of her grandchildren!

Thank you for your constant love and support…always getting in touch when Noah is ill, always appreciating the photos and videos. We love Omie Rene! You are one in a million!

3.) Aunty Nini – godmother 

Noah and Nini love!

Aunty Nini – the best godmother we could have chosen for our Noah. I’ll never forget the very first day we brought him home. We fetched him at 7:45 and came home. You cleared your schedule, just so you could meet us as soon as we got home, just so you could get your first cuddle in. That has set the tone for your relationship. You are always ready with a smile, and more importantly, a fist bump! I have visions of you and Noah having the best dance parties together – you already dance together so nicely on the stairs!
The front of Nini’s card! So bleak my glue didn’t play along…
The inside of the card – we definitely chose the best godmother for our Noah!

Thank you for loving our Noah like you do. You stop and smile, have a little chat, laugh, dance and fist bump with Noah, like no other. Noah loves you, and we love you. You are the very best godmother for our Noah! Thank you! 

4.) Gogo Prudence

Noah and Gogs – bff’s
Gogs – the excitement that you exude when you see Noah, every single time, is beautiful. And his excitement is reciprocated, every single time! You love babies. And you love our Noah, as if he was your own. I could not imagine leaving him with anyone else, while I work. You play with him, teach him, speak Zulu to him and comb his hair, to name just a few things. And we appreciate it all, and love you dearly for it! Thank you for taking such good care of our Noah, while mom and dad are at work! 

Noah’s special picture for Gogs – his footprints!
We love you, Gogs! You are one special lady, and the best Gogo we could ever have for our Noah! Thank you!

These four ladies each play a unique and important role in our Noah’s life. We love you all – thank you for your unconditional love and support for our Noah! 

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