My little fuss-pot…

When we first got little Noah, he had already started on solids. And boy, did he enjoy his solids! I remember feeding him his dinner for the first time, on the day we met him. I didn’t have to try and entice him to have a spoonful of food at all! He gobbled it all down!

Feeding Noah his supper on the day we met him
I’m so grateful that the amazing baby-home that he was at, make the babies their food. Nothing is store bought, processed ‘food’. I really wanted to make Noah his food. I was nervous at first, but after a quick lesson from a friend, and a few pep talks from my mom, I finally got into making my baby his food…fresh veggies, meat, chicken, all blended into one…yummy! 

We soon realized that Noah loved his food so much, that we used to dread his food finishing. Only because he would cry as soon as he realized another spoonful of deliciousness was not coming. And believe me, he wasn’t crying because he was still hungry…he had very generous portions of food! He just loved his food! 

Before he turned one, I used to make meals in bulk for him, and freeze them in small containers. It worked really well. He enjoyed the food, it was convenient for me, once I had worked out the best routine. Then, when he turned one, I stopped making him his own food. He started eating what we ate. And he seemed to love that just as much! 

That is, until he got a few months older, and wiser…up until a few short months ago, I was so proud – and somewhat boastful, that my baby ate just about anything and everything that I set before him. I felt like I was winning at this mom thing. Suddenly, though, my baby became fussy. He seemed to only eat certain veggies on certain nights, depending on his mood…or something. I can only assume! 

To this day, he still eats certain veggies all the time. But mainly, he won’t eat something if he doesn’t feel like it. But if he does, then he will. And it’s driving this mama a little mad! I’m tired of wasting food. And I really don’t want to have to drown his food in tomato sauce every night – which is what I’ve been doing. It’s just about the only thing that works. 

So, mom’s, here is my question…what tips and tricks have you tried to get your little one to eat their food, and in particular, their veggies? Any tips/advice are welcome please! 


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