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The wonderful world of baby blue…

Little boys. They really are a wonder! 

Before we started talking about starting a family, before we were even married or I had even met Jason, I had always imagined myself as a mom of girls. Maybe it’s because for a lot of my life, I had mainly been around girls – I have 2 sisters; I went to an all girls school from Grade 3 until Matric; growing up my cousins were girls (boy cousins were only born when I was older). I was just always around girls. So maybe that’s why I always imagined myself as a mom of girls.  

But even when Jason and I would talk about our future family, we would always speak about “Her”. And not necessarily because we favoured having a little girl. It just felt natural. We have had boy and girl names picked out for years, however, the girls names came quickly. We went through a lot of boys names until we settled on our favourites. 

A few years ago, I had had a dream about adopting a baby girl. When we were filling out our adoption forms, I really felt God saying tick any gender. He had a plan for our family. And it was going to exceed every single one of our expectations! Yet while we had ticked any gender on our forms, we still spoke about “Her”, when we spoke about our baby. 

Then we got The Call. And our world turned from baby pink (in our minds), to baby blue (in reality). And we could not have been more excited! We had no clue what an adventure we were about to embark on. I always imagined a world filled with pink, princesses, fairytales, make-up and jewellery, baby dolls and Minnie Mouse, Sofia The First, Frozen and every Disney fairytale ever made. 

Never in my life did I think I’d ever be using a froggy urinal to potty train my child…yet this is my current reality!

These days, my world is filled with superheroes (with Batman the obvious number 1), cars, wrestling, balls, laughing when you toot (that’s what we call passing wind in our house), endless climbing on everything – no matter what the danger levels are or how fast it makes mom’s heart beat when I discover him, rough and tumble. I was not prepared for it, to be honest. Almost daily I am pleasantly (sometimes not so much) surprised at the new daring thing my little prince tries to do. 

I now know all about Ryder and his team of pups (Paw Patrol), Thomas and Bruce and the rest of the crew, Jake and the Neverland Pirates. If dad has his way, soon it will be Batman, Ben 10, Avengers, Superman and Spider-Man. Let’s not forget about the Turtles – Shredder and Striker?! I can never remember the names of the rat and the bad guy. Luckily I have a few years…I hope!

A boy and his toys!

My point in all of this, is that while I thought God had one plan for our family, it turned out He had the complete opposite in store for us. And it has turned out to be the best adventure yet! I love learning how to be a boy-mom. Laughing with Noah when he toots. Playing ball. Trying not to panic too much when letting him get a little daring and adventurous – while still making sure he isn’t going to seriously injure himself, of course! Cheering along with Noah and his dad when rugby or cricket or soccer or any other sport is on tv – yes, our 17 month old cheers when his dad does, and moans when his dad does too! Wrestling and tickling and rolling around on the floor…I’m learning everyday how to be this mom. I’m learning, and I’m loving it! 

My boys, very. involved in the SA vs. ARG rugby match!

Ah, little boys…I love the wonder that they are, especially mine! 

He loves cars, and especially steering wheels!


  • sheenacarnie

    Had to laugh at this! I also thought I would have girls, but now my gorgeous boys are 18 and 13. I still say (OFTEN) that dinner conversations would be VERY different if we had girls, but in many ways now I’m very glad I had boys. They’re wonderful and will love you enormously and will be very protective of you. Enjoy Noah and the dirt and the scrapes. xxx

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