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Dear Noah (part 1 of 2)

Dear Noah, 

Today, one year ago, I woke up in the morning, and the first thought I had was “I wonder how my Noah is doing this morning?” You see, my boy, it was just the day before, Friday 18 September 2015, when I got the call to say that there was an almost 7 month old baby boy, waiting to meet daddy and I. You were waiting to meet us. 

My baby boy, the moment I got that call, I knew I was in love with you. I knew you were exactly who daddy and I were hoping and praying for. Daddy and I couldn’t wait to meet you! We couldn’t believe we had to wait an entire week, before we could see you for the first time, hold you, kiss you, love you. Believe me when I say that it was equally the most exciting, and the loooongest week of our lives! Each day took forever to get us closer to you. 

This is how we celebrated you, the night we got the call!

Daddy and I spent this week imagining what you looked like, how many rolls you had (if you had any 😉), what size clothes you wore, what features made you uniquely you. Dreaming about you, and wondering about all these things helped time to pass quickly. Thank goodness! 

I will never forget the feelings I felt during this week, last year. I will never forget the excitement, the anticipation, the joy. I will never forget it, because all those feeelings led me to you – my beautiful little prince, who I love unconditionally! This week last year, will always be one of my best weeks ever, because it was the final countdown to you. You were already bringing so much joy to mine and daddy’s lives, and we hadn’t even met you yet. 

Mommy and Daddy, waiting excitedly for the week to oass, so we could meet you!

We couldn’t wait until it was Friday 25 September 2015. We couldn’t wait to see you for the first time, cuddle you, play with you. We already loved you, long before we met you! And we couldn’t wait for our adventure to begin, as a family of 3! 

I love you, baby boy!


Mommy xx 

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