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Baker-Baker, take 2! 

So, 3 Fridays ago, my Noah was Baker-Baker again! I’m a bit delayed, I know….but life! 

For this Baker-Baker, my plan was to make little cars out of Boudoir biscuits. We had all the ingredients, Noah had his apron on, and we were set to begin baking (sans electricity of course – the safest way for me to bake). 

Noah decided his main (and only job) would be to “taste-test” all the smarties. This was a very important job, of course! In fact, it was such an important job, that he ate an entire box, which meant I ran out of smarties! Job well done, my boy!!

The racing cars may have been a flop, and I may have run out of ingredients, but my boy made the cutest Baker-Baker I’ve ever seen! And yes, I am completely bias. 

Because I work at his school, I was able to sit in on his Baker-Baker. He was so sweet! Every time he handed a class friend a treat, his teacher would prompt his friend to say, “Thank you Noah”. However, Noah would end up saying thank you to himself, on behalf of his friends. It was so cute! And then when he took the last treat for himself, he said thank you to himself as well! Ah, the love I have for my well-mannered child! 

Giving his buddy, Mitch, a treat!

I cannot wait for his next Baker-Baker, this coming Friday! It is going to double up as his birthday ring, and let’s just say, Paw Patrol isn’t just the theme for his birthday party! 

You can read about his first time as Baker-Baker here


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