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Life with a 2 year old…

Two years old. Wow! I was not prepared! Suddenly, my baby is not a baby anymore. Suddenly, my baby, who was still a little wobbly on his feet and speaking in a special kind of gibberish I wish I could have understood, was not so wobbly on his feet, and I was starting to understand what he was saying. Suddenly, he was climbing on bigger things, jumping off of higher things, running everywhere and tackling mom and dad, especially. Suddenly, my baby loves to wrestle and climb all over us. 

Suddenly, he is talking and saying words we didn’t even know he he knew. Suddenly a yummy meal is “eeee-licious”, a particularly good episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines warrants an “oh cool, amazing”, greeting someone includes a “how are you, I’m fine thank you”. How has he suddenly learnt all these big words? How has he learnt the right context to use these words? 

My baby is not a baby anymore. He is a little, toddler boy. He is brave and adventurous. He loves to rough and tumble. He loves to be dirty and playing outside. He loves to be active – running, riding bikes, swimming, jumping, climbing. He love his cars…oh how he loves his cars! He loves to read his books – sitting in his reading corner, on his special little chair, paging through his books. He is a proper little bookworm in the making! 

My little, toddler boy loves so deeply, so innocently. He loves Jesus, he loves to read his Bible, he loves to tell Jesus how much he loves Him. He loves the people around him, those close to him. He loves to say hello! He is affectionate – he cuddles and kisses mommy every chance he gets! I cherish those moments when he wants mommy, when he wants to cuddle, when he holds my face and says “kiss Mommy”, followed by a slew of wet, slobbery kisses! I cherish those moments when he falls asleep in my arms – I could stay in that moment forever! 

Two years old is an adventure – for Noah and mom and dad! Watching our baby boy become a toddler boy has been a privilege. It makes me excited to watch him become a bigger little boy, then a teenage boy, then a young man. But for now, I will enjoy each moment with my two year old. I will continue to make the most of the next 9 months that we have a two year old in our home. Because before we know it, we will have a three year old. What an adventure that will be! 


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