Memories to last a lifetime

Here we are, about a month and a half after having arrived in Cape Town. While we are so happy to be back in the 021, there is still a part of me that really misses Durban and all its beauty. I miss the beach, the greenery, the gorgeous summer days. Mostly, I miss the people of Durban. I miss my family there, and all the special friends we made over the years.

Durban will always be a special place for our little family. It is the city where Jason and I built a life we loved and were proud of. It is also the city where we became a family of 3. That is probably one of the main reasons why we will always treasure Durban. We will forever be grateful for the part of our journey that lead us to Durban, and to our Noah.

Just before we left Durban, literally days before we left, we had a fun family photo shoot with Craig Mannheim from Unprecedented Pictures. Craig takes the most amazing photos, and we had so much fun making our last few memories in our beloved Durban. It really was the most special time, taking photos, laughing and having fun, making memories to last a lifetime!

Thank you, Craig, for capturing these moments for us. Moments that we will treasure forever, in a city we love.

As much as I miss Durban, I am so excited to be in Cape Town. I am so excited for what is to come for our family, in yet another beautiful city, in beautiful South Africa. I cannot wait to see where this part of our journey leads us!


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