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I Am Me

I Am Me 

I am me,

I am Megan,

I am wife,

I am mommy,

I am daughter, sister and friend.

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I am more than this,

I am created in His image,

I am beautiful,

I am curvy,

I am perfect in His eyes,

So I should be perfect in my eyes.

I am not perfect in my eyes,

I am too curvy in my eyes,

I am not beautiful in my eyes,

I have too many lumps and bumps,

In my eyes.

I am learning to love myself,

I am learning to like who I see,

I am learning to embrace my curves,

I am learning health,

I am learning to love me,

Because I am me.

I am fearfully and wonderfully made,

I am unique,

I am beautiful,

I am me,

And I love all of me.

One Comment

  • Kathleen

    You are just the most beautiful from the deepest point inside that precious soul to the outer most point on the outside!!
    Love you with all my heart xxx

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