Adventures with Rudy the Elf – day 13 to 24

Yes, I know it is January already. Christmas was over a week ago. Theoretically, I probably should have done this post while it was still December. But, life happens, and holidays and work for me, so here I sit, on 2 January, reminiscing on our time with Rudy the Elf. I must admit, I do have my moments where I actually miss Rudy, and coming up with something new for him to do every night. Even Noah misses him! He keeps asking where Rudy is, and when is he coming back. Granted, Noah has also been waking up in the morning, asking us to please go and check if Father Christmas has brought him any more presents…it’s been fun navigating that line of questioning!

The last 12 days with Rudy were just as much fun as the first 12 days. Of all 24 days though, I think my personal favourite was the scene Noah woke up to on Christmas Eve. That was the most fun to put together, as I used my floating flamingo drinks holder for Rudy to float in, in a bowl of water. Rudy had also brought a little gift for Noah, in the form of an elf teddy, so that Noah would not forget his buddy. Noah loved it! And he is loving having his elf teddy around too! I also loved Noah’s description of the site he woke up to. Apparently Rudy was “floating in a mango, and chilling in a bowl of water!” Too funny!

Now I have a whole 11 months to think up new ideas for Rudy, ahead of his visit in December 2019. For now, though, I will enjoy looking at the photos of Christmas 2018 with my Noah, who is loving seeing his buddy, Rudy again!

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