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Oh 2019…

And just like that, 2018 is no more. I, for one, was very glad to see the backend of it. To say that it was a tough year for our little family would be an understatement.

But, this is a new year. New possibilities. New adventures. 2019 couldn’t have started off any better for us, as we moved into our new little home. After over a year of having just about all of our possessions in boxes, it’s been like Christmas all over again, opening up the boxes and discovering forgotten treasures.

I cannot believe that school starts tomorrow, and that next month we will have a four year old! How is it even possible?

Anyway, we are almost done unpacking in our new home. Bring on the day when we get home from work and we don’t have to unpack another box!

I’ve spent the last eight days thinking about this coming year. I had a word for 2018, and then wheels started falling off and I forgot about my word. So now, I refuse to have a word for 2019. Take that, 2018! To be completely honest, I find myself feeling a little apprehensive about 2019. I’m almost too scared to dream dreams, make plans or even be hopeful about things.

I have a plan though! I strongly dislike feeling these negative feelings. I also really don’t like the fact that my negative thoughts or feelings may hinder me or my family in any way. So I plan to take 2019 day by day, and see what happens.

I read a blog post this morning by the lovely Belinda from Making Mountains and it really inspired me. She was inspired by a post on Cup of Jo and basically you make a list of what you want more and less of in 2019.

It got me thinking more about what I want for my family, my blog, and me personally for 2019. And what I would really like less of. So, here is my More and Less for 2019.


~ More quality time with Jason and Noah, together as a family and individually.

~ More time and focus on my blog and growing it into something I love and can be proud of.

~ More organization. I’ve always prided myself on how organized and on-top-of-things I am. After a forgotten birthday party at the end of last year, though, I realized I may not be as on top of things as I used to be.

~ More me-time, painting, drawing, reading and writing.

~ More time with Jesus. I had such a good morning routine where I woke up early to read my Bible and write in my various journals (yes, I have more than 1 journal) and pray. It’s time to get back into that again.

~ More ministry. It’s time to get more actively involved in our church. It really is something we have always loved doing.

~ More healthy living. It’s time to get my family eating healthier meals and being more active.

~ More budgeting. Our finances are in a shocking state, and I’d really love to work on a proper budget and get us to where we should be financially.

~ More happiness.


~ Less feeling unworthy.

~ Less stress, both financially and relationally.

~ Less screen time.

~ Less nit-picking and arguing with Jason. Our marriage took serious strain in 2018, and I want to make it stronger than ever in 2019.

~ Less laziness.

~ Less bad decisions.

~ Less giving up.

That’s my list! How has 2019 kicked off for you? I’m off to unpack yet another box, but please let me know in the comments how you are feeling about the year ahead!


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