My Top 5 Apps

#BlogBossWinterChallenge Day 3…

Look at me, being all organised and actually doing my day 3 post on day 3! I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself, I’m not gonna lie. Anyway…let’s talk apps. We all have our favourite apps that we use almost daily. Apps we simply could not function effectively, without. Wanna know some of my favourites? Here are…

My top 5 favourite apps

My Top 5 Apps
These are my top 5 apps, I simply could not live without!

My Notes app

I love my Notes app. Just about everything in my life has a note on my app. I have all sorts of notes, from #’s I use regularly on Instagram, to Facebook pages I share new blog posts on. I have a running note of anything we are paying off, and notes with the wording for things we are trying to sell online. There is a note with the names of all the Letterland characters, various shopping lists and work info and Noah’s Mr. Brown Mouse audio books are even saved in a note. I have a lot of notes. I am a pen and paper type of girl, but I could not function without my notes app. It’s so convenient. I shudder to think of the chaos life would be, without this delightful little app in my life! Dramatic I know, but oh well!

My YouVersion Bible app

With this app, I have my Bible with me everywhere I go! I tend to read my devotional and Bible reading from the app, early in the morning when I have my quiet time, and then read my actual Bible. I just love the convenience of having devotions on just about any topic to choose from, with prompts to read. I have saved a whole load of devotions to read, ranging in length from a few days to a few months. If I don’t get to do my devotion in the morning, I know I will have my app on my phone, and when I get a moment in my day, I am able to do my reading. Plus, when a moment comes where I want to reference something in the Bible, or share a verse, all I have to do is open my app, type in some keywords, and whatever I am looking for will come up. I love that I can have my Bible with me wherever I go!

Google Calendar

In my efforts to be a lot more organised with my family this year, I have been quite diligent about scheduling every little thing on my Google calendar app, and emailing it to Jason. I have found that by doing this, Jason and I both have notifications in our emails, and almost nothing gets forgotten now!


Oh, the wonder that is Canva! I love this app! I use it for all my social media posts, and just about anything else I may need to design, from invitations to flyers to bookmarks. There is a template on Canva for just about anything you may want to create, and you can do it from you phone, tablet or computer. This is definitely my go to app for any and all design things I may need.

Google Photos

Ah yes, Google Photos. Need I say more? My life was revolutionised the day I downloaded this app and started using it. You see, my iPhone is only a 16g iPhone. My dream is for a much bigger one, but for now that will remain a dream. In the meantime though, I have Google Photos, where I regularly share all my phone photos and videos too (only on WiFi of course), and save all the space on my phone! I love this app, because it has unlimited space, so all my photos from years back are now all saved in one space online. I now don’t need to worry about hard drives crashing, or losing USB’s or wondering where I saved a particular photo. All I need to do is head to my Google Photos app.

These are my top 5 favourite apps. I could have included my social media apps, Facebook and Instagram, but I feel like that’s a given that I would love those apps. I wanted to share some of my other go to apps for every day life. What are some of your favourite apps, that you simply must have? I’d love to know. Who knows, maybe it will be a new app for me to try!

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