#blogbosswinterchallenge day 4
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#BlogBossWinterChallenge Day 4…

I did it again – I missed a day…or three or four, of the BlogBoss challenge. My humblest apologies! I’m going to work really hard to catch up. Some days there may be only one post. Other days, there may be two. But my goal is to complete this challenge! Read on to see what day four is all about.

A person who influenced me

When I think back on my life, I can think of many people who have had an influence over my life. Some were wonderful, positive influences. Others…not so much!

When thinking of one person for this post, I decided to tell you about someone who I met through blogging. This lovely mama has 3 gorgeous kiddos, and for years she’s has been my go to for any adoption related question I have. Let me introduce you to Julie Kynaston from Heart Mama Blog.

The Kynaston Family
Julie and her husband Ryan, with their 3 gorgeous kids, Ilan, Kira and Judah.
This photo was taken off the Heart Mama Blog Facebook page.

Julie and her husband Ryan became parents through adoption, and Julie’s blog is about all things adoption related. Over the last few years of getting to know Julie through social media and her blog, she has inspired me so much.

When she writes about adoption on her blog, and the struggles and tough things they are navigating, she is so honest about what her children are going through and what her and her husband are doing to best help and guide their children. And she is so clear and so firm, in the most loving way, about what is acceptable to say to her children and what questions people may and may not ask. It’s been so helpful for me to be able to go back and read her posts, and get some guidance and inspiration on how best to help my Noah.

On a personal level, I’ve always been able to message Julie, and ask her any questions I may have around adoption and whatever our little family is facing in that moment. The response from Julie is always so supportive, so helpful. There is no judgement ever. She tells me when my thinking is not in the best interests of my son. And she is always so helpful with tips.

I’m so thankful my path crossed with Julie’s. Thank you Julie, for all the support and guidance over the years. You have been, and continue to be such an inspiration to me.

You can follow Julie on her Blog, Facebook page and Instagram account.

*Featured image courtesy of @cjanewonder from Instagram.

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