Lolli Putti fun

Fun with Lolli Putti

I had all the FOMO a few weeks ago, when I saw all the lovely mommy bloggers I follow at the Lolli Putti launch. Noah and I were invited to go, but couldn’t due to my work commitments. From all the posts I saw online, the launch looked amazing! And even though Noah and I couldn’t attend, the organizers were kind enough to send us a Lolli Putti of our own, to review.

Fun with Lolli Putti

Noah is not so big on playing with any play doh type things, so we have had to be very intentional about playing with his Lolli Putti. And when we have played with it, we have loved it! It’s been great having something different to play with my Noah, to get his imagination growing and using the putty to help strengthen his hands, as he molds the putty into different shapes. Plus, pretend eating an ice cream is a great way to start a craving for ice cream that just needs to be taken care of!

Lolli Putti fun!
Our Ice Cream Factory Lolli Putti, ready to be played with

There are three Lolli Putti themes that you can choose from – the Unicorn Lab, Ice-Cream Factory and Monster Makers. We were sent Ice-Cream Factory Lolli Putti and we have had so much fun making delicious “ice creams” for us to eat. What’s really great is that the lollipop holder that the Putti comes in can be converted into a cool cup that you can eat your ice cream out of. It makes the fantasy playing all that much more realistic!

With each theme there are different things to collect. Each pack, across all three themes, comes standard with a pack of putty, a pack of sprinkles and a collection chart. Then, the Unicorn Lab and Monster Makers come with unicorn/monster body parts (depending on which one you chose obviously). The Ice Cream Factory comes with 12 different scents to collect, including banana, black currant, chocolate, cookies & cream, pistachio, rose, caramel, coconut, grape, mint chocolate chip, strawberry and vanilla. Just typing this has made my mouth water, and given me a craving for all of the ice cream!

Fun with Lolli Putti
My Noah is ready to indulge in his Lolli Putti ice cream!

We love our LolliPutti and will definitely be looking at growing Noah’s collection. If you would like to get your own Lolli Putti you can head to the Polly Wiggles SA website here. You can also find Polly Wiggles SA on Instagram.

Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom also stock Lolli Putti’s.

*We were sent a Lolli Putti Ice Cream Factory the review. All views and opinions are my own.

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