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A Thomas & Friends Special Delivery

Thomas & Friends TM Track Master TM
A happy Noah, holding tightly onto his new Thomas & Friends TM Track Master TM a

Noah received a special delivery last week, and to say that he was excited would be the biggest understatement of the year! Noah came to work with me last Saturday morning, and the first thing I noticed was a delivery with my name on it, waiting on my chair for me. I knew exactly what it was, and made a deal with Noah. We could unwrap the parcel, but he could only open what was inside once we got home, after work. My sweet boy was so intrigued, and was happy just to see what was inside the parcel. I know it may seem cruel to have expected him to wait until we got home, but he would have nagged me until we opened the parcel in any case. Plus, he was so good about sticking to our deal – I was so proud of him. He honestly never asked me once if we could open it before we got home. I was so proud!

The look on his face, and the squeal of delight that came from him, when he tore it open and saw the Thomas & Friends TM Track Master TM Monkey Palace inside, was adorable. It was seriously like Christmas had come early for him! If you know my Noah at all, you will know his deep love for Thomas the Train. He loves everything and anything to do with Thomas – hang, just about every library visit means at least one Thomas & Friends book is coming home with us to be read.

Thomas & Friends TM Track Master TM
It was love at first sight!

While we were at my work, his box never left his sight. He showed it to every customer who walked into the shop. He explained to them how it worked (based solely on the pictures) and made sure everyone he spoke to knew he was only opening it at home!

It really is one of the most fun train tracks we have played with – and we have played with a good few over the years. The train set comes with a motorized Thomas, a palace, a gantry and two monkey figures, who get up to a lot of mischief, and who kept my four year old entertained all of Saturday afternoon. With the monkeys in Thomas’ cargo car, Thomas whizzes around the tracks, and the monkeys can get caught up in the overhanging tree, or even “hang around” in the palace. You are guaranteed hours of fun for you little one, with this train set.

Thomas & Friends TM Track Master TM
I think it is safe to say that Noah approves!

To see some videos of Noah enjoying his hnew Thomas & Friends TM Track Master TM, go have a look at my Instagram stories. I have also saved the stories in my highlights reel.

If your little one loves trains, and in particular Thomas, as much as my Noah does, this will make the perfect item to be added to those all important Christmas lists, to be sent to Father Christmas of course!

  • Noah was sent this train set for us to review and share online. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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