Family holiday celebrating 10 years of marriage
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Celebrating 10 years of marriage!

We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary on 21 November 2019, and my husband treated us to a wonderful weekend away, for just the three of us. Yup, that’s right, the three of us, as we took Noah with to celebrate. And I am so happy we did! It was the most special weekend away, and also only our second “family holiday” we had ever taken together, as a family of three.

Exploring the river after we arrived
We had arrived, the car was unpacked and Noah and Daddy were off to the river!

Jason had secretly planned the entire trip months before. He researched different places and found the perfect spot for us, just outside Ceres. His original plan was to keep the trip a secret right up until the day we were due to leave. Then he was literally going to wake me up in the morning and say, “get ready, we’re leaving in 30 minutes.” Alas, things did not pan out that way, and despite all his best efforts, I did find out about the trip a few weeks before. I felt so bad for unintentionally ruining the surprise he had worked so hard on for so many months. In the end, I knew we were going away. For the sake of some element of surprise though, I never knew where we were going exactly.

A view to die for!
A stunning view of mountains and the Breede River

I’m so glad the destination was kept as a surprise. It was so exciting packing the car and getting ready for a road trip, not knowing where we were going. Knowing Jason though, I knew it would be a great spot. We ended up going to a place called The River Siding in Wolseley, just outside Ceres. You will find The River Siding on a produce farm called Ou Stasie. They farm various fruits and squashes. On arrival, we were given the most delicious bag of farm fresh peaches that had just been picked. They were hands down the juiciest peaches I have ever eaten. And seeing as I am the only one of the 3 of us who eats peaches, I enjoyed the entire bag all to myself!

These peaches were delicious!
Oh my word these peaches were the sweetest, juiciest peaches ever! I want more!

There are 3 types of accommodation at The River Siding – The Cottage, The Rondawel and The Log Cabin. We stayed in The Rondawel and it was perfect for us. We were completely separate from both The Cottage and The Log Cabin. Plus, it was right on the banks of the Breede river. As soon as the car was unpacked, we were down at the river, cooling down and having fun.

My sweet boy, enjoying the beautiful view
Noah stood here so often – he just could not get enough of the stunning view!

There was one more surprise waiting for me when we arrived – chocolates and bubbles! My husband knows me too well!

Bubbles and chocolate
Excuse the blurry image of Jason walking past – I just realized it’s the only photo of the bubbly and chocolates that I took!

We were there for 4 glorious days. Each day was filled with walks on the farm, swims in the river, playing games, lazy afternoons reading and loads of quality family time.

They had the most amazing braai area, where Jason tried his hand at making a potjie and Noah made the biggest mess while toasting marshmallows on the fire – too much fun!

It’s been 3 months since we were there, and Noah still regularly asks us when we will be back. Our answer is always, “Hopefully one day soon!”

Ten years down, and my husband still knows how to surprise me, and make me feel loved! Thank you Jason for all the effort you put into making this weekend as special as it was. Here’s to the next 10 years, and then forever!

3 happy hearts
A family selfie on a farm walk. Three happy hearts loving all the quality time together


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