Imaginext Mega Bite Shark
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Fun with the Imaginext Mega Bite Shark

Fisher-Price has launched their Imaginext Mega Bite Shark, and boy has Noah had a lot of fun playing with it! The shark is a roll-along toy, which Noah pushes along the floor while playing with it.

It’s fantastic for imaginative play. Noah has been playing with it non-stop, deep-sea diving with his diver, going cage diving, and even getting his diver to ride on the back of the shark, while the shark swims along. There are just so many different ways to play with this toy – hours of fun!

The shark is so realistic. As you roll him along the floor “swimming”, his tail swishes from side to side, and his head thrashes around – it’s incredible how close the movements are to a real shark.

The Mega Bite Shark comes with the diver, a cage and spear all included – so no extra costs buying the accessories. Bonus! You can press the power pad on the sharks back, to get his mouth to chomp away. The power pad is also where your diver can stand in, while riding on the sharks back.

Noah has had so much fun with his Mega Bite Shark. If you’re wanting to get a head start on your Christmas shopping, this is definitely something to look at buying. It’s available at most toy shops, and you can also shop for it online, for R579.

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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