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Mary, Did You Know?

Mary, Did You Know?
Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus

Here we are. Christmas Eve 2022. Us 3 Keith’s are in full on holiday mode, and loving every minute of it. In fact, just a few days ago, I realized I had lost track of which day of the week it was – a sign to me of total relaxation and a good holiday, so far!

While I have been enjoying my holiday, I have also had the Christmas song, “Mary, Did You Know”, by The Pentatonix on repeat in my head. (The video for this song is below, if you’d like to listen to it.) This has, in turn, got me thinking a lot about Mary and what she must have been feeling and thinking in the build up to Jesus’ birth; and then post-birth, with this tiny, precious little baby.

There is one line in this song that gets me every time:

When you kiss your little baby

You kiss the face of God

As we get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our families, and the significance of that moment, 2000 odd years ago, I wonder if Mary truly realized who her baby actually was? Who He would grow up to be. Did she understand the impact her sons life would have on this world? The example He would set for us? Did she have any inkling as to the sacrifice her sweet baby boy would make for all of mankind?

Mary, an unmarried young woman, pregnant. About to give birth. Dealing with cultural judgement and stigma’s, because of her “circumstance”. Heavily pregnant and travelling on a donkey for weeks (possibly months), to reach Bethlehem for the census. No place for Mary & Joseph to stay in Bethlehem. Only space for them in a dirty barn. Farm animals surrounding them. Not much, if anything, in the way of comfort and hygiene, for Mary to safely deliver her baby.

And in that barn He was born, and placed in a manger. In that exact moment that He was born, the world was changed forever. Mary carried Him faithfully for 9 months. Joseph stayed by her side, helped her deliver the baby and they raised Him together. The significance and impact of the events of that day in particular, all those thousand’s of years ago, can still be felt around the world today.

In less than ideal circumstances, our Saviour was born. He walked this earth, in human form, for 33 years. He walked with people, built relationships with and discipled them and He performed so many miracles. He walked on water. He calmed storms. He fed approximately 5000 people with 5 loaves and 2 fish. He made the blind see and the deaf hear. He healed sick people. He loved people. All people. And He still does today.

I wonder, did Mary have any idea that her baby would have this kind of impact on the world? Did she have any clue as to the life He would live, the lives He would touch, both then, and now in 2022?

As we celebrate Christmas this weekend, celebrate the birth of Jesus, may you tangibly feel His love for you. May you be reminded just how much He loves you, that He was born for you and for your family. He was born for us. To save us, and bring us back to God. He will never leave you, never forsake you.

If you are reading this after Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating the significance and meaning of this season – Jesus.

Merry Christmas friends, and happy birthday Jesus!


  • Jodie Howe

    Beautiful post. They played this song when we were leaving the inter denominational service in the Drakenberg on Christmas day, it’s such a lovely version 🙂 Hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas!

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